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    Supermoon, symbolism and our collective shadow.

    Tonight I drove just out of town to a familiar field to watch the lunar eclipse with my 6 year old.  I told her we were going to see the BLOOD MOON,  hoping to instil some excitement – she wondered if there would be rides there.  I told her “no it’s just a field”, which she thought was good enough because apparently she’d never been to a “field” before.  I talked to her a bit along the way about how the moon is always there to listen to her if she’s ever lonely, to which she replied “oh yeah?  So is the moon alive or something?”.  It’s so hard to…

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    Spirituality of the Cross

    This past weekend I attended the second of four workshops in the Soul of Christianity series with Atum O’Kane.  Like the first workshop, this one was took me yet again deeper into the Christian story, this time through the symbolism of the cross.  Although there were many highlights, I want to share one piece in particular that relates to this weeks topic. Atum talked about the cross as a symbol for four directions (paths) of spiritual development: The upper portion of the cross:  The path of transcendence.  This is associated with the virginal aspects of Mary, not in the piety sense of the word, but related to the unpolluted source of…