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    Expanding Possibilities, Liberating Life Force

    One of the major contributions yoga can make to greater mental and emotional well being is its capacity to develop new ranges of feeling and expression. Like a tree that wants to grow into full expression, in the directions inspired by its natural ability, we also have a myriad of potential for feeling into and expressing our aliveness. But, like a tree forced to grow inside a box, we are hampered in our expression by cultural norms and expectations as well as our socialization. From a young age we are taught what kind of emotional expression is acceptable and will secure us the affection of our caregivers and peers. We…

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    Inspirational Anatomy

    A few weeks ago, after my dubstep yoga experience described in my last post, I attended an  in-depth anatomy workshop led by Matthew Van Der Giessen of Edmonton.  Matthew teaches beginner and advanced level anatomy workshops through the Yoga Association of Alberta and this was the third workshop of his that I have attended.  I was excited to attend this workshop because the first two I did with Matthew a number of years ago was the only times I’ve ever felt genuinely excited about anatomy.  Matthew has spent a number of years studying a somatic approach to the body which emphasizes “sensory based learning and the organization of movement through…

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    An Out of the Ordinary Life

    We often think that freedom comes at the “well-done” completion of some task.  Or in the absence or presence of someone or something.  We think it comes from biding our time in our repetitive day to day routines until that precious weekend or vacation or TV show.  Rowan and I definitely have a particular rhythm to our day, most days look just about the same and there is some security in that.  But there is also a sense of drudgery.  Feed the bellies, clean the kitchen, tidy yesterday’s mess, get washed, dressed, play, feed ….. over and over again.  At one point recently I began feeling like I was robot, programmed to…