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    A Valentine for Your Heart

    As I sit in the sweltering sunshine at my usual coffee shop I forget for a moment that we are in the middle of the cold, dark winter.  It is like a little Valentine from God for me today and has inspired me to “pay it forward”.  If I could bottle this sunshine and spray a bit on all of you I would, instead I will offer you this: On this day of love may you be reminded that the love you feel from another person, which is sometimes strained and seldom, is but a droplet derived from an eternal pool. May the droplets that fall upon you in your…

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    Living Compassion – One forward bend at a time.

    In my last post I introduced the process of learning how to embody wisdom.  In this post I will offer you one way to approach compassion through yoga and enact it as a living virtue in your practice or life. I find myself in a standing forward bend.  Today, it feels like it’s the first one I’ve done in a long time and my whole body is talking.  My hamstrings feel like over-wound guitar strings and my upper body feels tense and suspended over my legs like a marionette just waking up.  My breath feels constricted, like I’m wearing a girdle and despite having two feet planted on the floor I feel a little wobbly.   But,…

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    Through My Humanity I Am Graced.

     I just spent the weekend in an advanced Enneagram workshop with two of the most spiritually influential people in my life.  The Enneagram, in brief, is a system of personality typing which helps us to become aware of our habits of thinking and acting.  The premise in this system is that if we become consciously aware of our patterns then we do not unconsciously act them out over and over again.  Instead, through awareness, we are able to choose our actions.  In doing The Work, as it is called, we start to live more authentically and freer from our compulsivity.  As a One on the Enneagram I am prone to perfectionism and judgement of self…