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    Getting Grounded

      https://youtu.be/_dI9vdd-3jY There are so many things on deck in my heart that I want to write about – but this NEEDS to be written.  I saw this video today and it hit me so hard.  I spend a lot of time in my yoga practice and teaching on getting grounded – it’s a typical practice in yoga in general that is often paid lip service and has no real connection to an experience.  Yoga teachers encourage us all the time to “connect through our feet and get grounded” and this becomes a taken for granted instruction we all perform.  But what does it really mean?  Why is grounding important?  What is the experience…

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    Chasing Me Down

    A beautiful reflection on one women’s experience of nature penetrating her blocked body, heart and mind by Guest Contributor Shelly Simpson of 365 Gratitude.    This evening I was heading home about 6 o’clock still feeling the carry over of being tired, stressed, stuck, trapped inside my mental emotional body   As I drove out of town I could see a storm rushing up on me from behind I began to have the feeling of something chasing me down   I turned onto a gravel road got out of my car and walked a ways with the storm approaching fast from the west   And then I rooted my feet…

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    Being Grounded – The Deeper Meaning of Warrior II

    Before Christmas I wrote a post about learning to live the deep philosophy’s of the East and West through our yoga practice.  I believe that this will be a topic that will thread its way through my blog for as long as I write it.  Recently, I’ve been inspired by Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II) and in this post, I will unpack this living posture so that it’s layers of meaning and impact can be seen. Warrior II It is possible to be in an asana without really being in an asana.  We have become masters of mechanically applying instructions for just about everything without actually participating or being present.  We can…

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    Staying Connected in the Holiday Season

    The following is an article I wrote for the Yoga Association of Alberta’s newsletter – published December 2010. ———————————————————————————————————————————————— There’s nothing like the holiday season to remind us that our practice is essential.  This year, let all you’ve learned from yoga help you remain connected to yourself amidst the beauty and occasional madness of the season. Connect To the Aliveness Within – When the demands of the season begin to scatter your energy and wear you down let the life in your body call you home.  Tune into the direct perception of sensation and let the texture of the season help you – no matter where you are.  If you find yourself…

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    Building Energy Through Your Practice – A Prelude to the Vibrant Life Retreat on August 7th

    There is nothing like feeling radiantly alive.  Having enough energy to engage your life, relationships and work in a healthy and balanced way is essential to wellbeing.  What follows is a practice for helping  you cultivate and recognize your natural vibrancy.  The practice is two fold.  First, we tune in to the frequency of our energy body, or prana, and second we then invite awakening to this body through a variety of exercises.Awareness:  Here we are basically changing the “channel” of our attention.   We shift our attention from the channel of thoughts, preconceived notions about ourselves and our body, ideas and concepts to the channel of direct perception of sensation in the body.  As we descend our attention and…

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