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    Grateful – The Natural State of an Open Heart.

    One of my Enneagram teachers once said that the natural state of the heart is that of gratitude.   An open heart receives the impacts of life, moment by moment, like the ocean receives raindrops.  No rejection and no coveting of any single drop – just the absorption of the part into the whole. Like this, our heart has the capacity to open to suffering and joy with equal tenderness.  In fact, this is what it calls us to.  The secret of the heart is that it wants to feel everything.  It wants to be fully alive and learn all that it can from the trials and celebrations of life.  Our…

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    My Top 12 Favorite Spiritual Practices

    These are the practices that I employ regularly right now in my life.  There have been and will be many others, depending on my needs and the season of life I find myself in.  And for you they may be similar or very different, the question is how do you tend to mind, heart and body?  What helps you align all the elements of your being?  How do you make the darkness conscious?  Asana:  To get out of my head and into my body, to make greater contact with what is stirring in me, to challenge fixations expressed in body and increase energy flow.  Asana is my primary gateway to…