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    Dubstep yoga: An experiment in grounding in the primal.

    This past weekend I experienced  the blending two movement genres that made for a tantalizing experience outside of the mundane.  Dubstep yoga was conscious movement class in the basement studio of Edmonton’s premiere superfood eatery – Noorish Cafe.  The class began with an introduction to the dubstep electronic dance genre before we warmed up our bodies with a vinyasa yoga sequence lead by Edmonton teacher Graham Parsons.    The class was filled with the typical ocean of female 20-something lulu-warriors with a few young men nestled amonst us like red smarties in a box of monochromatic eye-candy.   Trendy, urbanite yoga culture fascinates me.   Hoards of beautiful people line studio’s like artwork…

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    Yoga: A workout?

    Say you’re given a magic key.  It’s like one of those beautiful old, over-sized keys made of iron that were used for cathedrals and 300 year old Tuscan villas.  This key is magic in that it can open a door to ecstasy.  It can open a door to wholeness in mind, heart, body and spirit.  Imagine you’ve got this magnificent key but instead of using it to open these doors to freedom you start using it to open bottles with it, or pick your teeth, or to barbeque shish kabobs on.  Pretty soon this magic key starts to become another mundane fixture in your house.  It gathers dusts and is stuck on a…