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    A Valentine for Your Heart

    As I sit in the sweltering sunshine at my usual coffee shop I forget for a moment that we are in the middle of the cold, dark winter.  It is like a little Valentine from God for me today and has inspired me to “pay it forward”.  If I could bottle this sunshine and spray a bit on all of you I would, instead I will offer you this: On this day of love may you be reminded that the love you feel from another person, which is sometimes strained and seldom, is but a droplet derived from an eternal pool. May the droplets that fall upon you in your…

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    Living Compassion – One forward bend at a time.

    In my last post I introduced the process of learning how to embody wisdom.  In this post I will offer you one way to approach compassion through yoga and enact it as a living virtue in your practice or life. I find myself in a standing forward bend.  Today, it feels like it’s the first one I’ve done in a long time and my whole body is talking.  My hamstrings feel like over-wound guitar strings and my upper body feels tense and suspended over my legs like a marionette just waking up.  My breath feels constricted, like I’m wearing a girdle and despite having two feet planted on the floor I feel a little wobbly.   But,…

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    Be More Than The Stretch

        Stretching can be the home of the ego. In any asana the sensation of stretch has the ability to usurp the legitimate expression of all other sensations. The stretch becomes the dominant force, the loudest experience. Stretching the muscles makes us feel like we’re doing something, achieving something. It can become the embodiment of the “no pain, no gain” attitude that permeates our culture. Without awareness it can become habit to know an asana in terms of stretch to the negation of all other sensation. It starts to feel like we are not doing yoga without the stretch. What would it be like to experience asana from other perspectives? Take…