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    On Happiness

      What is happiness?  I’ve been contemplating this for weeks.  It seems the notion of happiness can have so many meanings, across paradigms as well as within me.  Patanjali spends a great deal of time talking about the nature of “bliss”, the ultimate happiness.  But for him it is lifetimes of work to realize the stillness of being associated with it.  Buddhism is similar.  Happiness is possible only in the cessation of cravings or desire.  And yet for other systems, desire is central to moving our human organism toward meeting our needs.  For me, the pursuit of happiness exists on both levels.   I know that I have a propensity toward…

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    Wanderlust – A Meditation in Darkness and Light.

    What can I say about Wanderlust?  I write this with some hesitation because not all I have to say is full of the love and bliss that was the incessant mantra of this festival.  Carl Jung said “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious”.   It became clear to me over the last week what it really means to seek enlightenment by imagining, conceptualizing and talking about unity, love and bliss – sadly, I think, at its own expense. Don’t get me wrong.  The festival had some lovely components – wonderful music, lectures and earnest practitioners gathering in community as an expression…

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