Homecoming – A Yoga Retreat for Heart and Soul – March 13-15, 2020

Homecoming. The experience of coming home. What if “home” is a state not a place? The state of being where we feel safety, familiarity and a sense of refuge. This Homecoming retreat is meant to be a deeply connective experience to an inner sanctuary that we often lose in the midst of daily stresses.

Using yoga, movement, meditation and breath we will explore how it’s possible to remove the armour of our stress and experience the life inside us more clearly. This is the same life that sparks seeds to grow and the sun to shine. We lose connection to our simple nature – the part of us that just wants to BE. As we touch this place of being, we find ourselves closer to, and at HOME within the natural order of things. This new experience and perspective can then inform a more meaningful and connected life.

The aim of this retreat is to:

– Facilitate the release of stress through yogic techniques and other modalities that have both historical and scientific backing for promoting wellbeing,
– Help you develop self compassion,
– Allow your nervous system to slow down and process current stressors,
– Help you understand, through brief lecture segments, how stress affects your ability to BE,
– Get you in touch with the experience of stillness and solitude,
– Leave you with a small practice you can do at home to bring you back home to Being
– Allow you time and space for self discovery, including a few small writing activities to help consolidate your learnings.

What this retreat will NOT provide:

– Spiritual platitudes about positive thinking or manifesting your destiny,
– Acrobatic, athletic or sweaty yoga that is geared toward fitness,
– Individual therapy (although feedback and conversation within the group is welcome!)
– Free kittens (haha)

This retreat will be based on multiple approaches to inner life including:

– Yoga for Mental Health – principles that I have developed over the last 18 years teaching yoga from a psychological lens. I will touch on some of these principles and some of the science behind how our stress systems work. This type of practice includes a focus on slow, mindful movement (somatics), guided meditations/visualizations and breathwork that has scientific backing for affecting the nervous system.
– Psychology – the most effective therapeutic theory and techniques that I have used clinically with hundreds of clients over the last decade.
– Philosophy – Eastern and Western philosophy have both informed my approach to psychology and embodiment, as well as the vast system of the Enneagram which I have taught for ten years.

For those of you who don’t know me well here’s my bio:

Pamela Moskie is a Registered Psychologist and Registered Yoga teacher who has taught yoga in Central Alberta for 18 years. She has worked in human services for over 20 years and as a clinical psychologist for 8 in Camrose, AB. Recently she developed a course in the Psychology of Mindfulness as a sessional professor for the University of AB, Augustana Campus. She has developed yoga training for teachers and serious practitioners in yoga for mental health where she explores principles of mental health and how they can be integrated into yoga practice. Pamela also teaches introductory and advanced Enneagram courses in Camrose, AB. See her website for more information or email her at

Schedule for the weekend:

4-6pm – Arrival/Check In – Snacks Provided
630-830pm – Introduction and Yoga Practice (Please note, everything labelled Yoga Practice includes meditation, breathwork, lecture and other related activities)

8-9am – Simple Breakfast Provided
9am – 12pm – Yoga Practice
12:15pm – Lunch – Provided
12pm – 3pm – Free time (there is a lovely café, a hot tub, a few shops and hiking nearby)
3pm – 530pm – Yoga Practice
5:30- 730pm – Supper – On your own (there are two great restaurants within steps from the Inn)
730-9pm – Yoga Practice

8-9am – Simple Breakfast – Provided
9am – 12pm – final Yoga Practice and Close.

Cost: $250 GST included
Lodging is separate – once you register with me through then I will give you instruction for booking a suitable room (I have a block of rooms reserved).
Spa services are available on Friday (March 13) before we start our programming please contact them soon if you’d like services.

The Inn is called the Village Creek Country Inn

This retreat is limited to 12 participants. Email to register.


Along with teaching yoga I am also a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists. I have worked with a diverse population of people in my therapy practice – from people needing simple advice, to those with chronic or acute mental illness. I also work with people who are interested in increased self-awareness and the development of spirituality. Safety is of utmost importance to me and I employ a wide variety of approaches to psychotherapy depending on the needs of the individual. These approaches include mindfulness techniques, body-centered psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and internal family systems. I am happy to work with individuals, couples and families in their pursuit of psychological balance and healthy functioning.  Please contact at 780-608-0573 or email to make an appointment.


For the last 15 years I have taught classes in and around Camrose, Alberta. I teach Fall, Winter and Spring sessions and focus on retreats and workshops during the summer months. Each session I teach has a different focus in which I develop classes that increase emotional intelligence and work to identify and shift mental-emotional patterning in the body. Because of the progressive intent of each session my classes require students to commit to pre-registered class times, however, there is opportunity to make up missed classes in other class times during the week. This commitment allows us to create an atmosphere of safety as a group, and the ability to move deeper into practice than drop in class formats allow. My classes are not fitness oriented. They are slow, mindful and challenging for mind, heart and body. Each class includes guided meditation, breath work, movement practices, formal yoga postures and most importantly the cultivation of relationship to oneself. What guides both my practice and my teaching is coming to a deep experiential understanding of the yoga sutras, and seeking to not just understand them but embody them.

Current class times are: Tuesdays 5:15-6:45pm, Wednesdays 9:15-10:45am and Thursdays 9:15-10:45am

For more information on the way I teach yoga please see the Mental Health Yoga page.


I have taught the enneagram in Camrose for almost a decade.  The enneagram is an intricate system of self-awareness that makes us aware of our dysfunctional patterns and how to become more free.  The enneagram is most commonly known as a system of personality typing but its roots run much deeper into developing a connection to one’s soul and living from that place.  I learned the enneagram from my teachers Dawn Kilarski and Barry Vall and their teachers out of Winnipeg Carol Ann Gotch and David Walsh.  I try to offer one enneagram introductory workshop per year and I also co-facilitate advanced trainings in the enneagram with a teacher from Winnipeg, Dale Bially, who also learned from these teachers.    Please email me to register or ask questions –


My blog is a fleshing out of my dance with life. Its contents are not only inner musings but an offering to anyone interested in the pursuit of meaning and wholeness. I choose topics from yoga, spirituality and psychology that may of relevance both in my own life and the lives of my readers. I am happy to answer general questions about these topics through my blog, and questions can be sent by message to my email or Facebook inbox. I think of writing as an extension of my yoga practice and answering questions as an extension of my teaching.

Please see my blog under the Falling Open section of this website.