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A Valentine for Your Heart

As I sit in the sweltering sunshine at my usual coffee shop I forget for a moment that we are in the middle of the cold, dark winter.  It is like a little Valentine from God for me today and has inspired me to “pay it forward”.  If I could bottle this sunshine and spray a bit on all of you I would, instead I will offer you this:

On this day of love may you be reminded that the love you feel from another person, which is sometimes strained and seldom, is but a droplet derived from an eternal pool.

May the droplets that fall upon you in your weary days be but reminders of that pool, which is forever calling you to soak in its waters.

May you seek not to quench your thirst from the droplets that happen upon your tired and eager body but to paddle your way back, albeit upstream, to the place where you can find an eternal Oasis.

And may you know that while the droplets of love you gather from those around you can remind you of this Source, the pathway to It is through your own self compassion.  These holy waters flow only through the channel of your own tenderness, toward yourself.

Today, don’t wait for the valentines to gather around you.  Shower love upon yourself.   Seek the sweet kiss of the Beloved, through the same attention and compassion for yourself that you may seek from a lover, a friend, a partner.  Open  your waiting heart to the possibility of Spirit –  the one true, unconditional Valentine.


This post is dedicated to the women in Choices, a group I facilitate for women who have been in abusive relationships – may you feel love from the Source today.