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Chasing Me Down

A beautiful reflection on one women’s experience of nature penetrating her blocked body, heart and mind by Guest Contributor Shelly Simpson of 365 Gratitude. 


This evening

I was heading home

about 6 o’clock

still feeling the carry over

of being tired, stressed, stuck, trapped

inside my mental emotional body


As I drove out of town

I could see a storm

rushing up on me

from behind

I began to have the feeling of

something chasing me down


I turned onto a gravel road

got out of my car and walked a ways

with the storm approaching fast

from the west


And then I rooted my feet

onto the earth

and just stood there

in the middle of nowhere,


I wanted that storm to catch me

overtake me

shake me up inside

shake me alive


I had the thought that

I didn’t care if even a tornado funnel

came down and spiralled towards me

I was going to stand my ground

I had the thought that I hoped it would

Anything to move heaven and earth

Anything to unblock me


The wind became very fierce

whipping my hair and my clothes

The lightning flashed down

and the clouds were rolling and twisting

above me

I just stood there, withstanding,

being pushed around a little,

feeling grateful

for the aliveness, the life energy, the moving spirit around me


I just stood there

trying to breathe it through my skin

trying to suction it into my cells.