Practice,  Yoga in the Everyday

Remembering Enjoyment

The other day I was shocked with the realization that I sometimes forget to enjoy.  I spend a great deal of time processes negative impacts from my week, but not enough time letting in the deeply pleasurable moments of my life.  This isn’t the same as forgetting to appreciate.  I sense that appreciation runs like a soft current through my life, but to enjoy is another thing.To me, enjoying is the magical antidote to the fixations of my sometimes anal retentive personality.  It even feels nice just to type it.  EN – JOY.  As I sit in my bed, with my beloved heating blanket on, I wiggle my toes against soft sheets and lean back into a cloud of pillows.  Ahhhhh….. pleasure.  In this moment I remember enjoyment.  It is the reveling in the subtle presence of something entirely delicious.  It is the lusty rolling around in the “honey” of life –  Winnie the Pooh, you are my hero.

The other day in my yoga practice a luscious tidbit of the cosmos slathered me with 40 minutes of  bliss that released deep held tensions that I have been harbouring for a few weeks.  This was one of the most delectable yoga experiences I have had.  It was scrumptious, delightful – orgasmic!  The melting away of deep tensions met by awareness, honouring and breath reminded me of one of the central reasons for yoga – the release of bondage.  How could yoga be not be entirely succulent when it involves freeing ourselves from the tethers of our egoic mind?   The imprints of our daily striving begin to dissolve with gentle, intelligent movement, deep awareness and unforced breath.   That day on my mat,  this dissolution felt like the falling away of a thousand heavy chains.

Tantric yoga encourages the use of pleasure to draw us into presence.  This doesn’t mean hankering after all things pleasant like an automaton, but rather using pleasure as a gateway to our present moment experience.  Today in your practice can you let pleasure guide you?  Can you find movements that feel good and be tantalized by your practice rather than taunted?  Today, let enjoyment be your intention, make like Pooh and find the honey in your practice, and your life.