Consciousness,  Practice

A New Center of Gravity


The mind is like a tornado.  Whirling thoughts circling at various speeds and intensities and our attention, at the center – the “eye”- of the storm, is no longer able to distiguish itself from the violent upheaval around it.  We try to find some sort of foothold in those thoughts, something substantial, meaningful that we can ground ourselves in.  We try to find something firm about reality through them – if we could just catch one, hold on to it and develop it long enough it would create a truth that we can live by.  So we try to crystallize parts of the tornado and through it create habits of personality.  Meanwhile life continues to blow by and flow through us but we miss it, completely mesmerized by the aspects of our mind tornado that we have become desperately attached to.So long as we are trying to construct reality out of the tantrums and preoccupations of our thoughts we miss true Reality that can only be experienced through the body.  A deep and profound movement of our attention into the body is essential to finding genuine security in life and a new grounded perspective.  Our attention, then, become achored in REAL time rather than the fantasy world in the mind and the gap between who we know ourselves to be and Reality lessens.  The more we are congruent with what’s REAL the more substantial we feel, the more there is a Force in us that is connected both to our humanity and Source.  Through this Force of Being we connect to the present moment, honouring and responding to what is.There are many ways to shift one’s center of gravity from being caught up in the whirling tornado of thoughts.  First, we must re-establish our attention at the eye of the storm.  Disidentifying from the thoughts, we watch them, moving about as droplets of mental energy.  Second, we must drop our attention into the body.  Some traditions suggest remembering the breath, keeping part of our attention on the breath or a mantra all the time. It is somewhat arbitrary where the attention is moved to, as long is it remains in present time.  This Fall I will be leading my classes through deep work with the core body.  The intention is not only to develop strength and integrity for support the movements and actions of our day but re-locate our attention deep inside the gut. Imagine experiencing this moment not from the vantage point of the thoughts bumbling around inside your head, but from the very center of your body – how would things look different if the majority of your attention was situated here?  Bring your hands to your belly, below the belly button, and take a few deep breaths while you drop your attention to your core.  Experience, just for a few seconds, a center of gravity that exists outside of the tormenting tornado of your mind.