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An Out of the Ordinary Life

We often think that freedom comes at the “well-done” completion of some task.  Or in the absence or presence of someone or something.  We think it comes from biding our time in our repetitive day to day routines until that precious weekend or vacation or TV show.  Rowan and I definitely have a particular rhythm to our day, most days look just about the same and there is some security in that.  But there is also a sense of drudgery.  Feed the bellies, clean the kitchen, tidy yesterday’s mess, get washed, dressed, play, feed ….. over and over again.  At one point recently I began feeling like I was robot, programmed to perform certain duties – inspirationless, emotionless.  It’s easy to become patterned into the same repetitive actions, thoughts and attitudes.  It’s easy to become disenchanted with daily life.  What if freedom and enchantment doesn’t come after the duties of daily life are done?  What if it comes by shaking up the fixations and patterns of our life?  After all it’s a pattern we’ve created, it’s not a fixed, inevitable, solid, permanent thing (after all, as the Buddhists say, nothing is!)  Sometimes all that’s needed to remember our inherent freedom and the possiblity of fluidity and freshness in our life is to do a few things out of the ordinary – here’s a list I’ve started and few things I’ve been doing to remind myself of the spontaneous nature of life and my being – try some out and let me know how it feels!1.  Take some flowers to the hospital.

2.  Next time you hear a great song on the radio in your car – pull over, turn it way up, tilt your seat back and just listen!

3.  Read something completely different than you’d ever consider.

4.  Visualize your normal daily life and routine, then change or add a few new things – could be bizzarre or mundane – it doesn’t matter!  The point is to get your mind thinking outside of fixed patterns.

5.  Dance for God’s sake Dance!  Dance gracefully, ridiculously, just move differently that you normally do in your day.

6.  Pay for a stranger’s lunch.

7.  Sit in a forest, better yet, sit in a tree.

8.  Bundle up and lay in your yard in the late evening and see what night time is like in your neighborhood.

9.  Get dressed up to do nothing.

10.   Finger paint.

11.  Think outside the box with your yoga postures – bark during downdog!  Wrinkle your nose up during wind relieving pose!  Make up a new pose – the rabbit, the aardvark, the leaning tower of Piza!

Have fun and tell me what you discover!