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God, the Child.

After all, what is God?
An eternal Child playing an eternal game
in the eternal garden.
– Sri Aurobindo

If God is this, then what am I?  I am the eternal Play.

I look out my window to the tree that perches next to our house.  It’s golden hue shines so bright that I wonder if the sun illuminates it, or if it illuminates the sun.  I hear the swoosh swoosh of a broom nearby and look down the street to see my neighbor waltzing through the leaves that have created a moat around his house.  Does he know he’s waltzing?  Does he see the way the leaves swirl up to kiss his shins as he walks? Does he know he’s being danced in the eternal garden?Today God giggled as I washed dishes, she likes the way the bubbles feel against her tender skin.
She swayed with the rhythm that words make as they soared off the page and into my astonished mind. Everytime I trip over my cat she roars with laughter and wonders when I might get the joke. She runs through her garden of Light, and from time to time she spins, arms open, chest bare.  And, from time to time she falls.  And when you get close enough to her when she hits the ground, you can see in her dazed eyes the reflection of a homeless man, an anorexic teen or a drug addicted father.  Sometimes she scampers across open fields, sometimes she falls – The Child is just learning.  She doesn’t always know when to stop spinning, when to stop yelling out her sacred poetry.  And when she falls, she cries – like when butterflies tease her and the thorns of eternal roses poke her fingers.  She cries, but then look!  A squirrel chasing a blue jay!  An airplane zooming!  Bubbles tickling!  Downward dog barking!  Maybe she’ll be ok afterall….

Ps.  Had to add this!  God the Child hey?  Watch this and tell me it isn’t so!