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Anandamaya Kosha – The Body of Joy


In my last post I concluded by saying that I may not be able to experience life’s ultimate Truth but I can experience it’s ultimate Joy.  After recognizing the limitations of the intellect there is a natural letting go that happens.  For me, by becoming intimately aware of my koshas I come to see the transient nature of all experiences.  There is no foothold on which I can place my security; there is no constant state of pleasure without pain, no ultimate Truth, no state free of the potential for suffering.  When I am reminded of the natural flow of things I fall into a state of Grace where every cell within me celebrates the Life that flows through it.  Good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, righteous or not.  In these moments Bliss rises out of nowhere and the radiant Life that I am basks in it’s own brilliance.  This is not Bliss that is dependent on things going my way.  It is Life loving Itself; celebrating Itself; shouting to the entire universe a resounding, Yes! For some reason I have always been conscious of this level of my Being without much effort.   Despite the trials of my life, I have always been fortunate enough to hear the faint echo of this sheath affirming life’s abundant mystery.  Even in times of deep pain I recall feeling a profound awe about the depth of my own despair.  There was always something present in even the worst of times that called me to recognize the Bliss of living.  Joy is our birthright, says Richard Miller, it is always already there.   How could this not be the case?  Can you imagine an atom that does not have a passion for it’s existence?  Can you feel, today, beyond transient emotions and limiting thoughts into your very cells where Joy of Being simply is?    Perhaps you feel it as you read this; perhaps you need to find a still moment in the rush of your day to travel through the grosser levels of your being until you become halted by a wall of Life impassioned by it’s own existence.   Whatever the case, please take my word for it that somewhere, regardless of the stress and trials you find yourself in, something within has it’s arms wide open and is dancing to both the chaotic and fluid rhythms of your life.   With every one of your tears and every burst of your laughter it becomes wild with ecstasy.  This is Body of Joy; unremitting and ever-present.  It is not a object that exists out there that can be bought or sold, found or lost, but is part of the very fabric of who you are.