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What Falling Open Means…

I have had a number of people ask me why I chose Falling Open as the name of my blog and website. Here is what it means to me:Falling Open : A descent out of the chatter of our minds into the experience of the present moment. A willingness to be aware of and experience all of life that is moving through us, good and bad, beautiful and ugly. As we begin to feel the moment through the perspective of our body the crowded mind begins to quiet. And spontaneously, in an act of Grace that is out of our control, the feeling of Openness arises.  It is the experience of space in body, heart and mind that we all have had in brief moments that we try desperately to recreate.  We believe that if we just try hard enough, eat the right foods, buy the right things, hang out with the right people that we will be able to create it.  But it cannot be created, manipulated, grasped or controlled. It simply shows up from time to time when we show up to ourselves.

I chose Falling Open because it is only through a deep surrender and letting go into knowing myself, in all of my lunacy and glory, have I experienced profound spaciousness, receptivity and flow. This site and my contributions in writing and teaching are dedicated to this. It is a reminder and a invitation for myself and all who join me to let go and know the moment as it is.  To know the feeling of being here.

We cannot control when we are graced with the profound feeling of Spaciousness , but we can choose to make ourselves “Open to the Openness” as philosopher Martin Heidegger says. So wherever you’re at today in your mind, body and heart take a moment to become aware. Notice if you resist this becoming aware.  Notice how fast your thoughts are moving and what they are compelling you to do, are there standards and ideals that have you striving in some way? Perhaps worrying about the future or lamenting the past? What does that feel like in your body? What else is there at a sensation level? Heat? Soreness? Tension? What happens if you don’t fight any of it, but simply let it be there? Fall, for a moment, into your honest experience of right now. Then take a breath and then another one, and another one….