Ego’s Got a New Job

17 Feb 2011

Can you let go?  Can you take a leap of faith and become voluntarily passive in front of the life that lives you right now?  Becoming voluntarily passive is a notion that comes from Gurdjieff and has greatly illuminated the role that my ego plays in daily suffering.  Here’s how I understand the notion in a nutshell:  Every day I am impacted by life.  I (little I/ego) instantly judge those impacts as being something pleasant or unpleasant.  Based on these judgements I react to the impacts in all sorts of neurotic ways to keep myself from experiencing the unpleasantness or to grasp the pleasantness.  Essentially, I never actually feel the resonance of life’s impacts in my.

Yoga, Dreams and Courage.

07 Feb 2011

All my life I’ve had very vivid and occasionally lucid dreams.   I can still remember nightmares from when I was about 7 or 8 years old that left me jolting awake with heart racing and breath heavy.   Other times I’ve adventured through my dreams in conscious control of my actions – talking to dream characters, flying here and there at will.    Recently, I’ve had an interesting upsurge of both nightmares and lucid dreams.  A few nights ago I found myself in a dream where a young boy had been kept hostage in his own house for a number of years without sunlight.  I helped release him from this imprisonment but after years of captivity he.

Being Grounded – The Deeper Meaning of Warrior II

01 Feb 2011

Before Christmas I wrote a post about learning to live the deep philosophy’s of the East and West through our yoga practice.  I believe that this will be a topic that will thread its way through my blog for as long as I write it.  Recently, I’ve been inspired by Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II) and in this post, I will unpack this living posture so that it’s layers of meaning and impact can be seen. Warrior II It is possible to be in an asana without really being in an asana.  We have become masters of mechanically applying instructions for just about everything without actually participating or being present.  We can.

The Call of Something More

24 Jan 2011

There is something that calls us to Wholeness (or Spirit, God, Peace, Allah, Jehovah, Krishna etc etc) isn’t there?  I remember as a child feeling less like Spirit called to me and more like it bellowed holy renderings at the very top of it’s lungs.  At the time I recall feeling what Jeanne de Salzmann calls a “nostaliga for being” that I could neither articulate nor understand.  I felt a deep love and appreciation for the wonder of life that would sometimes overwhelm me.  Those were softer times when I could lay in the grass of my back yard and let those feelings flood through my relaxed body, tender heart and open.

Our Dual Nature

17 Jan 2011

 I’m sure many of you have heard the adage “we are not human beings that can have spiritual experiences but spiritual beings having a human experience”.  This sentiment was always a little peculiar to me since I wondered what it meant to be a purely spiritual being (which would then be able to wiggle its way into a human embodiment).  Would I be a big ball of light? But as I understand it light is both wave and particle, hence it is an entity of the physical realm.   Would I have any form at all?  Perhaps I would just be a thought, but, who’s thought?  The idea that I am a spiritual.

The Dead Season

09 Jan 2011

There is a moat around my house.  It is white and fluffy and it feels like it is imprisoning me.    A few months ago I wrote “The Dying Season”  about the transition of the lively summer season into winter.  We have now hit the true “dead of winter” and I have to say that I accept it with about as much grace as a aardvark with a broken leg stuck in a mud hole.  Inside, I feel smothered by the snow and paralyzed by the cold. Over the last few blizzardy days I’ve deeply felt the conundrum of the winter in me.  Nothing I do will melt the snow, bring back.

A New Resolve About Resolutions

02 Jan 2011

Let me tell you about a resolution I once made.  I was living in Calgary after graduating from my undergrad and was working at a natural food store.  I hadn’t had much experience with holistic living at that point and was mesmerized by the alternative lifestyles of my coworkers.  At one point, with characteristic immoderation, I agreed to go on a raw foods cleanse with a friend I’d been spending a lot of time with.  So, cold turkey, I resolved to eat only raw, organic food in accordance with what was touted to be “the healthiest possible diet”.  Such a move would surely secure me a spot in hippy heaven. .

The Call of Something Holy

22 Dec 2010

I used to love Christmas.  I still remember the incredible excitment that used to reverberate in me as a child.  I loved the Christmas shows, the food, the gatherings, the music and the toys.  It was a unique time of year when I saw words such as “Joy to the World” and “Peace on Earth” splashed across walls and greeting cards.  But, as I grew older I began to notice a profound contradiction in what Christmas was said to be about and what really took place over the holiday season.  People really didn’t seem any more joyous, in fact, they seemed rushed and preoccupied.  I didn’t feel a greater sense of peace, but rather a.

Staying Connected in the Holiday Season

12 Dec 2010

The following is an article I wrote for the Yoga Association of Alberta’s newsletter – published December 2010. ———————————————————————————————————————————————— There’s nothing like the holiday season to remind us that our practice is essential.  This year, let all you’ve learned from yoga help you remain connected to yourself amidst the beauty and occasional madness of the season. Connect To the Aliveness Within – When the demands of the season begin to scatter your energy and wear you down let the life in your body call you home.  Tune into the direct perception of sensation and let the texture of the season help you – no matter where you are.  If you find yourself.

pandora jewelry And Sri Lanka were singed

07 Dec 2010

While economic indicators may seem gloomy these days, predictions for splashy, statement pieces when it comes to jewelry have brightened the outlook. It seems the gloomier the headlines, the more bodacious the jewelry. This played out at Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2009 ready to wear collection, where models sashayed down the runways covered in choker jewelry necklaces some that completely covered the model’s throat in bling. pandora jewelry And Sri Lanka were singed. So singed that arguably the best Twenty20 bowler in the world went for 0 for 54. So singed that Ajantha Mendis’ figures of 4 for 12 in the final meant nothing to the result. North Carolina: The Tar Heel.