The Forces of A Greater Will

07 Oct 2011

An osteopath friend told me a few months ago that my daughter tends to hinge at her hips and neck when she moves rather than moving her spine.  This comes as not surprise given that I have a rigid spine compared to the hyper mobile joints at my hips and shoulders.  Wanting to create balance in her body, I’ve been campaigning somewhat to get her to move from her spine more – “Look Rowan!  Can you roll like a ball?  Can you wiggle side to side like mama?”  I’ve seen some change in her ability to round her back more fully into flexion, but generally it’s not been significant. As.

Canada Goose online Over the last decade

07 Sep 2011

A dose of 5 g three times a day (adults) improves symptoms in fibromyalgia as well as chronic fatigue syndrome. The benefit is seen in sleep; mental clarity; pain intensity; and overall well beingSame dose of 5g 2 3 times a day has been used with benefit in restless leg syndromeWhile there is no literature to suggest a particular dose in children, half of the adult dose for kids between 1 and 8 years of age may be appropriate. Always check with your doctor first.. Canada Goose Jackets But it wasn’t until April 16 that she and her husband heard a quiet bark come from under the concrete. Her husband.

A New Center of Gravity

07 Sep 2011

The mind is like a tornado.  Whirling thoughts circling at various speeds and intensities and our attention, at the center – the “eye”- of the storm, is no longer able to distiguish itself from the violent upheaval around it.  We try to find some sort of foothold in those thoughts, something substantial, meaningful that we can ground ourselves in.  We try to find something firm about reality through them – if we could just catch one, hold on to it and develop it long enough it would create a truth that we can live by.  So we try to crystallize parts of the tornado and through it create habits of personality.  Meanwhile.

8 obvious lies that people believed for waaay too long

23 Aug 2011

pandora bracelets The demand for catering has increased tremendously through the years. According to the National Restaurant Association 2008 Restaurant Industry Forecast reveals that social caterers are one of the fastest growing segments of the restaurant industry, with sales expected to reach $6.4 billion in sales. As impressive as the figure may be, there is a great likelihood that it still underestimates the industry, as many home based caterers are not even listed in the phone book.. pandora bracelets pandora charms “I think one final thing I would add is that people may not see any change whatsoever in the total summer rainfall they measure in their own rain gauges.

The Will of Summer

20 Aug 2011

One of my spiritual teachers recently spoke of how summer is a time when the Will of nature can be most readily felt.  I’m sure we all can attest to this. Stand on the edge of any field in the vast Alberta prairies right now and you bear witness to ripe, burgeoning harvest.  Spend three minutes in your back yard and be serenaded by a robust symphony of bird song emating from trees bursting with life.  Watch the movement of any city whir in it’s summertime play – parks and ball diamonds a buzz of activitiy while chidren and motorcycles bellow their freedom songs.But, leaves are turning now, one by one as if counting the moments to.

The Mountain In Me

07 Aug 2011

One year ago I wrote a blog called “The River Runs Through Me”.    It was inspired by a small river located in a campground nestled amongst the Rocky mountains of Alberta.  Last year I was struck by the way that the river seemed to cleanse my soul, as if literally running through my cells, washing away the silt of stress and fatigue, leaving me feel fresh and alive.   I sit here, next to an unstoked fire, in the same campground and am amused and amazed by a different experience this year. I am happy to reconnect to the lovely little river that whispered renewal into my bones last year, but this year I am astounded by the mountains themselves. .

The Angel Outside My Window

23 Jul 2011

She’s some kind of Waxwing I think – the angel that sings to me every day.  I like to imagine that she’s singing for me of course knowing full well that her song belongs to no one.  Her sweet melody seems to appear at the most critical moment – I’m grumbling about homework or housework, I’m sad about the rain or feeling isolated at home with a bored toddler.  Her songs shock me into presence, into a new cadence that renews the moment.  I am astounded by her ability to shift my outlook, I’m astounded, equally, by the fact that I let her.  This is an angelic moment: the interface between an outside force and.

A Word on Discipline

04 Jul 2011

Countless people have remarked how if only they had discipline they would practice yoga more regularly.  Discipline can be good, sometimes.  And sometimes it can be ego’s way of promising guilt, self-flagellation and a spiritual life that is controlled by will – which is no spiritual life at all.It’s hard not to think about discipline as a sought after quality of the most successful people in the world.  We respect the discipline of athletes, soldiers, business people and fitness gurus.  And in the name of producing a well-oiled human machine, discipline in this sense is really a formidable feat. The question is:  can we come to know our spiritual self through the same means.

tchc repairs backlog led to rent backlog

23 Jun 2011

pandora charms I’ve read many Wen hair care reviews where the reviewers admitted they weren’t too thrilled with the product at first, but decided to experiment. After all, nobody likes to throw away an expensive bottle of shampoo they’ve only used once. Some claimed that it took them nearly a month before they figured out exactly how much product they needed to use on their hair, going on to say they were now so happy with their Wen cleansing conditioner that they would never go back to regular shampoo. pandora charms pandora earrings “Funny thing happened,” Fonzi recalled O’Reilly saying over the phone. “We just aired a story that came.

My Favorite “Outside the Box” Mini-Practices

22 Jun 2011

It’s not always possible for me to engage a long practice and I’m sure I’m not alone in this.  But, I’m also sure that I’m not alone in the need to take care of myself, to listen and respond intelligently to my body, mind and spirit. Below are some of the mini-practices that punctuate my busy days.  While they may not bring me to the clarity or wholeness of a more in depth practice they help me to stay in my body, keep a toe in the pool of awareness and stop me from continuing the descent into my ego’s chatte.1.  The “Dear God don’t let it be morning already practice”.