Yoga’s Guarantee – Liking vs. Learning

08 Feb 2012

Since I’m on a bit of theme of confessions (see last post) here’s another one: I don’t always like yoga. I know, shouldn’t I always be singing yoga’s praises?  Be an eternal advocate for it’s miraculous wonderment? In actuality, liking yoga has little to do with it’s transformative power.  We get so caught up in our desire for constant pleasure and gratification that when we are confronted with a pose that’s awkward or too challenging or too easy our tendency is to toss the vessel of such displeasure out the door.  There goes that posture, or that teacher or yoga altogether.And what do we miss when we do this?  An grand opportunity to learn.  Take back bending for example.  I.

A Violation of Satya (Truthfulness)

23 Jan 2012

Ok, so I’m a liar. And my ceiling told me so while I was staring at it at 3am last night. In a response to the now notorious article in the NY Times about how yoga can wreck your body I retorted that a yoga practice devoid of awareness – like the ones proliferated in studio capitalism around the globe – is bound to create injury. And then I did it. I lied. Not intentionally mind you, but lied nonethess. I said that through awareness we can avoid yoga injury. And it’s not true – because injury happens. And no matter how aware we are, there is always something that.

Can Yoga Do Harm?

11 Jan 2012

I recently read an article in the NY Times called How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body. In it the author, William J. Broad,  talked about his experience with a yoga posture that threw his back out and details an extensive interview with Glenn Black, a well known yoga teacher out of the U.S..   Black has worked with various, sometimes high profile,  yoga teachers whose bodies have deteriorated in some way through mis-guided, over-cooked and under-sensitive practices. In addition, Broad cites numerous sensational examples of people who have experienced injury directly associated with yoga.  One prominient, unnamed teacher from the U.S had to have hip replacements after years of deep hip openers that destroyed the her joints.  Black himself had to get a spinal surgery for.

Living and Dying in the New Year

29 Dec 2011

My two and half year old daughter has recently taken to announcing when “night” comes.  As soon a the sun’s light begins to fade she yells “night!” and with equal fervor at dawn the next morning she yells “night all gone!”.  I love her sense of rhythm.  I love that she gets excited the death of day and birth of night, and vice versa, with sensitivity to the continual cycling of our daily life. We’re coming up to a time that represents to most of us the completion of yet another cycle.  We enter the death of our calendar year, and like with any other death this makes space for the springing forth of.

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23 Dec 2011

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A Full Range of Emotion

20 Dec 2011

I’m no stoic.  Despite all my efforts, I have not been able to quell the torrents of my  feeling heart.  In fact in this moment I feel: –   Content that I can relax in a sunwarmed chair in my favourite coffee shop. –   Relief for having time to write my blog. –   Anxiety because I really should be doing something other than writing my blog. – Sad that my gramma is in hospital –   Happy that after a 14 month marathon I have finished my Master’s coursework Moment by moment I feel these emotions whirling and storming through me, each with different intensities and flavours.  Depending on who you ask this may be considered.

Remembering Enjoyment

22 Nov 2011

The other day I was shocked with the realization that I sometimes forget to enjoy.  I spend a great deal of time processes negative impacts from my week, but not enough time letting in the deeply pleasurable moments of my life.  This isn’t the same as forgetting to appreciate.  I sense that appreciation runs like a soft current through my life, but to enjoy is another thing.To me, enjoying is the magical antidote to the fixations of my sometimes anal retentive personality.  It even feels nice just to type it.  EN – JOY.  As I sit in my bed, with my beloved heating blanket on, I wiggle my toes against.

The Play of Forces

11 Nov 2011

I’m obviously into forces these days.  My second last post talked about the importance of recognizing that our own personal will is but one of innumerable forces acting on our lives at any moment.  This post is about learning to cooperate with and see ourselves as a dynamic play of forces in yoga practice.  Through this, we come to know ourselves as something other than the rigid, crystallized entity we call our ego. The first force we must cooperate with is the grounding force – we must root before we can sprout.  This means yielding.  We must learn to yield our body weight into the points of contac we have with the.

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23 Oct 2011

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To Occupy

19 Oct 2011

I used to be an activist.  I’ve marched for change, negotiated for respect, sat with peaceful comrades of social justice and written countless diatribes on every angle of human struggle one could imagine. I say used to, not because I don’t still have an investment in evolution.  I just do it different now.   I have spent a great deal of time pointing out the “ills” of culture and society while my soul lay waste as victim of my penchant for the “greater good”.  I had many ideas about what that meant and while I indulged these ideas with all the self-righteous indignation I could muster something else in me suffered.  In my vehement parading.