Chasing Me Down

30 Sep 2012
Chasing Me Down

A beautiful reflection on one women’s experience of nature penetrating her blocked body, heart and mind by Guest Contributor Shelly Simpson of 365 Gratitude.    This evening I was heading home about 6 o’clock still feeling the carry over of being tired, stressed, stuck, trapped inside my mental emotional body   As I drove out of town I could see a storm rushing up on me from behind I began to have the feeling of something chasing me down   I turned onto a gravel road got out of my car and walked a ways with the storm approaching fast from the west   And then I rooted my feet.

Lessons From A Leaf

24 Sep 2012
Lessons From A Leaf

It is our last camp-out of the year.  Warm, sunny days mark the end of September and the sun refracts in the vibrant colors of Fall making the day even more beautiful, surreal even.  Every once in a while a breeze moves through and we are showered by falling leaves from the giant birch trees that surround us.  They make a peaceful descent toward their eventual disintegration and I feel both amused and inspired by that.   As I watch them fall I am reminded of the times in my life been asked to let go.  Those times when some aspect of myself or my life has lived its season and.

Inspirational Anatomy

05 Jul 2012
Inspirational Anatomy

A few weeks ago, after my dubstep yoga experience described in my last post, I attended an  in-depth anatomy workshop led by Matthew Van Der Giessen of Edmonton.  Matthew teaches beginner and advanced level anatomy workshops through the Yoga Association of Alberta and this was the third workshop of his that I have attended.  I was excited to attend this workshop because the first two I did with Matthew a number of years ago was the only times I’ve ever felt genuinely excited about anatomy.  Matthew has spent a number of years studying a somatic approach to the body which emphasizes “sensory based learning and the organization of movement through.

A Full Range of Emotion

20 Dec 2011

I’m no stoic.  Despite all my efforts, I have not been able to quell the torrents of my  feeling heart.  In fact in this moment I feel: –   Content that I can relax in a sunwarmed chair in my favourite coffee shop. –   Relief for having time to write my blog. –   Anxiety because I really should be doing something other than writing my blog. – Sad that my gramma is in hospital –   Happy that after a 14 month marathon I have finished my Master’s coursework Moment by moment I feel these emotions whirling and storming through me, each with different intensities and flavours.  Depending on who you ask this may be considered.

The Forces of A Greater Will

07 Oct 2011

An osteopath friend told me a few months ago that my daughter tends to hinge at her hips and neck when she moves rather than moving her spine.  This comes as not surprise given that I have a rigid spine compared to the hyper mobile joints at my hips and shoulders.  Wanting to create balance in her body, I’ve been campaigning somewhat to get her to move from her spine more – “Look Rowan!  Can you roll like a ball?  Can you wiggle side to side like mama?”  I’ve seen some change in her ability to round her back more fully into flexion, but generally it’s not been significant. As.

The Will of Summer

20 Aug 2011

One of my spiritual teachers recently spoke of how summer is a time when the Will of nature can be most readily felt.  I’m sure we all can attest to this. Stand on the edge of any field in the vast Alberta prairies right now and you bear witness to ripe, burgeoning harvest.  Spend three minutes in your back yard and be serenaded by a robust symphony of bird song emating from trees bursting with life.  Watch the movement of any city whir in it’s summertime play – parks and ball diamonds a buzz of activitiy while chidren and motorcycles bellow their freedom songs.But, leaves are turning now, one by one as if counting the moments to.

Asana: More Than Just Moving

13 May 2011

BKS Iyengar – Yoga Master I have always had a deep respect for Mr. Iyengar’s teaching.  Like him, I believe that asana is a path to liberation and the en-lightenment of our lives.  I was particularly struck recently by his description of the five stages of creating asana.  Below is a re-working of this description through my own interpretation.It is obvious to anyone who has practiced a moderate amount of yoga with various teachers that there are differences from yoga class to yoga class.  I have been curious about these differences for a number of years but have not been able to articulate them.  Mr. Iyengar does just this in his book The Tree.

The Gift of Faith

26 Feb 2011

In my last post I talked about being voluntarily passive in the face of the forces of life.  Rather than the ego intervening to create (or at least trying) a more palatable inner experience we ask it to let go and be still in the midst of thoughts, feelings and sensations.  As I said, this is a “leap of faith” trusting that life will move in an intelligent direction with out the ego micromanaging it.  Below is another excerpt on Faith – truly one of our greatest gifts.  When I was living at the Salt Spring Centre of yoga for a summer I was surrounded by a devotional community dedicated to the.

A New Resolve About Resolutions

02 Jan 2011

Let me tell you about a resolution I once made.  I was living in Calgary after graduating from my undergrad and was working at a natural food store.  I hadn’t had much experience with holistic living at that point and was mesmerized by the alternative lifestyles of my coworkers.  At one point, with characteristic immoderation, I agreed to go on a raw foods cleanse with a friend I’d been spending a lot of time with.  So, cold turkey, I resolved to eat only raw, organic food in accordance with what was touted to be “the healthiest possible diet”.  Such a move would surely secure me a spot in hippy heaven. .

The Story of Everything

17 Sep 2010

Last night I watched a documentary call Into The Universe – The Story of Everything with Stephen Hawking.  Some of my first philosophical questions as a child were about the nature of universe: how did it begin? What was there before the beginning? Does it have borders?  And how could it have borders – what’s beyond those?  I was always shocked when I found out other kids (and adults) had never wondered about these things!  The questions became meditations, I realize now, and contemplating them gave me a sense of expansion.  I liked the feeling of being overwhelmed by the questions – it always left me in a space of complete awe. .