Building Energy Through Your Practice – A Prelude to the Vibrant Life Retreat on August 7th

08 Jul 2010

There is nothing like feeling radiantly alive.  Having enough energy to engage your life, relationships and work in a healthy and balanced way is essential to wellbeing.  What follows is a practice for helping  you cultivate and recognize your natural vibrancy.  The practice is two fold.  First, we tune in to the frequency of our energy body, or prana, and second we then invite awakening to this body through a variety of exercises.Awareness:  Here we are basically changing the “channel” of our attention.   We shift our attention from the channel of thoughts, preconceived notions about ourselves and our body, ideas and concepts to the channel of direct perception of sensation in the body.  As we descend our attention and.

Anandamaya Kosha – The Body of Joy

04 Jun 2010

  In my last post I concluded by saying that I may not be able to experience life’s ultimate Truth but I can experience it’s ultimate Joy.  After recognizing the limitations of the intellect there is a natural letting go that happens.  For me, by becoming intimately aware of my koshas I come to see the transient nature of all experiences.  There is no foothold on which I can place my security; there is no constant state of pleasure without pain, no ultimate Truth, no state free of the potential for suffering.  When I am reminded of the natural flow of things I fall into a state of Grace where every.

My Daughter Is A Downward Dog

07 May 2010

  My daughter, Rowan, is a crucible through which the depth of my yoga practice has been tested. She was only home a month when I was besieged by post partum depression, colic and sleeplessness. One desperate day I settled, with feeble energy, into downward dog. I breathed there, listlessly, and felt my exhaustion. I breathed and felt the sensations of pain, fatigue and self doubt live their way through my body. I breathed until I became completely and honestly present to the deep ache of motherhood – the ache of immense fear, anger, fatigue, confusion – and love.As I descended deeper into experience my awareness held this ache like.

What Falling Open Means…

18 Apr 2010
What Falling Open Means…

I have had a number of people ask me why I chose Falling Open as the name of my blog and website. Here is what it means to me:Falling Open : A descent out of the chatter of our minds into the experience of the present moment. A willingness to be aware of and experience all of life that is moving through us, good and bad, beautiful and ugly. As we begin to feel the moment through the perspective of our body the crowded mind begins to quiet. And spontaneously, in an act of Grace that is out of our control, the feeling of Openness arises.  It is the experience of.

To Question is to Love.

09 Apr 2010

At 9 years old I was shocked when I realized the degree to which we could do harm to one another. Prior to that time I had been exposed to all sorts of violence on tv, in movies and in rumors and hearsay. But it was the bullies at elementary school that saddened my heart enough to spur a life of questioning. At this young age I began to question the nature of suffering, how any so called benevolent creator could allow for such suffering and whether it was possible to be free of it. At the age of twelve, I was graced with the first glimpse of life without suffering. It.