cheap jerseys One more thing

08 Dec 2014

They had it all the way. Naw, not even Les Miles could put that kind of silver lining on LSU’s 23 20 victory that nearly turned into a come from ahead loss. It’s amazing how LSU can play so well at times while barely hanging on to a victory. The understanding is that foreign buyers flush with cash have been buying up many homes at the high end of their values, continually pushing the market higher again, artificially higher, according to experts. Meanwhile, local residents have found it harder and harder to buy a home there (and rents aren’t cheap either, by the way). Less. wholesale jerseys from china Assistant.

Not This, Not That

18 Nov 2014
Not This, Not That

  The concept of “neti neti” stems from Advaita Vedanta which is a non-dual Eastern philosophy.  Neti neti means “not this, not that” and is a specific way to approach the search for God.  In our human experience we have thoughts, emotions and sensations of living in every day life.  The notion of neti neti posits that Spirit or God is none of these things.  The ecstatic experience of being moved by the primal sounds of a chorus of drums – that’s not It.  The vast, spacious feeling at the apex of a mountain or the silent, soft longing for wholeness and peace – that’s not It either.  I am.