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    Chasing Me Down

    A beautiful reflection on one women’s experience of nature penetrating her blocked body, heart and mind by Guest Contributor Shelly Simpson of 365 Gratitude.    This evening I was heading home about 6 o’clock still feeling the carry over of being tired, stressed, stuck, trapped inside my mental emotional body   As I drove out of town I could see a storm rushing up on me from behind I began to have the feeling of something chasing me down   I turned onto a gravel road got out of my car and walked a ways with the storm approaching fast from the west   And then I rooted my feet…

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    Lessons From A Leaf

    It is our last camp-out of the year.  Warm, sunny days mark the end of September and the sun refracts in the vibrant colors of Fall making the day even more beautiful, surreal even.  Every once in a while a breeze moves through and we are showered by falling leaves from the giant birch trees that surround us.  They make a peaceful descent toward their eventual disintegration and I feel both amused and inspired by that.   As I watch them fall I am reminded of the times in my life been asked to let go.  Those times when some aspect of myself or my life has lived its season and…

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    Spirituality of the Cross

    This past weekend I attended the second of four workshops in the Soul of Christianity series with Atum O’Kane.  Like the first workshop, this one was took me yet again deeper into the Christian story, this time through the symbolism of the cross.  Although there were many highlights, I want to share one piece in particular that relates to this weeks topic. Atum talked about the cross as a symbol for four directions (paths) of spiritual development: The upper portion of the cross:  The path of transcendence.  This is associated with the virginal aspects of Mary, not in the piety sense of the word, but related to the unpolluted source of…

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    On Living Spiritually: A Book Recommendation

      A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield is an introduction to spiritual life.  It accessible and focused on spiritual development through clear teachings and effective practices.  It focuses on the teachings of Buddhism but is widely applicable to spiritual practitioners of all traditions.

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    My Top 12 Favorite Spiritual Practices

    These are the practices that I employ regularly right now in my life.  There have been and will be many others, depending on my needs and the season of life I find myself in.  And for you they may be similar or very different, the question is how do you tend to mind, heart and body?  What helps you align all the elements of your being?  How do you make the darkness conscious?  Asana:  To get out of my head and into my body, to make greater contact with what is stirring in me, to challenge fixations expressed in body and increase energy flow.  Asana is my primary gateway to…

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    Living a Spiritual Life

      Today my daughter and I were home sick with the flu.  As I sit down to write this post on the nature of spiritual living I can see – in living color – the collision between human and divine.  How do I muster the fortitude to talk about the sublime amidst the drudgery of snotty noses and piles of dirty laundry?   It’s not easy, sometimes, for me to see daily life through a spiritual lens.  It’s work.  Despite the contrary claims of  so many new age gurus, knowing Spirit amidst the mundane requires pause, practice and an ongoing desire to tend to my suffering in a way that is…

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    Wanderlust – A Meditation in Darkness and Light.

    What can I say about Wanderlust?  I write this with some hesitation because not all I have to say is full of the love and bliss that was the incessant mantra of this festival.  Carl Jung said “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious”.   It became clear to me over the last week what it really means to seek enlightenment by imagining, conceptualizing and talking about unity, love and bliss – sadly, I think, at its own expense. Don’t get me wrong.  The festival had some lovely components – wonderful music, lectures and earnest practitioners gathering in community as an expression…

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