Dubstep yoga: An experiment in grounding in the primal.

19 Jun 2012
Dubstep yoga:  An experiment in grounding in the primal.

This past weekend I experienced  the blending two movement genres that made for a tantalizing experience outside of the mundane.  Dubstep yoga was conscious movement class in the basement studio of Edmonton’s premiere superfood eatery – Noorish Cafe.  The class began with an introduction to the dubstep electronic dance genre before we warmed up our bodies with a vinyasa yoga sequence lead by Edmonton teacher Graham Parsons.    The class was filled with the typical ocean of female 20-something lulu-warriors with a few young men nestled amonst us like red smarties in a box of monochromatic eye-candy.   Trendy, urbanite yoga culture fascinates me.   Hoards of beautiful people line studio’s like artwork.

Everyday Yoga

14 Jun 2012
Everyday Yoga

Can you take your practice of your mat and into the everyday?  Has the inspiration you find in your practice bled into the struggle of your everyday life?  This is the ultimate test of your yoga practice: for it to train you into Presence.  Sometimes yoga can be a much needed refuge from the droning rhythms of daily life, it can be an essential escape from the hardships and challenges we face.  But, I believe, it is ultimately training ground for learning how to really live – in the midst.I’ve noticed throughout my yoga journey that I have often been desperate to get on my mat and escape the demands of my life.  I have.

pandora earrings If there already exists a market for the product

07 Jun 2012

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