Live From All Angles

27 Apr 2012
Live From All Angles

  Today my daughter woke up at 5:50am, underslept and overgrumpy.  Schlepping our way through our usual morning routine my first glimpse outside revealed a gray, drizzling day.  I know. It’s good for the farmers. But I still felt a little oppressed by the weight of the clouds and had a hard time lifting my spirits to meet the day.  That is, until the duck costume came out. My daughter has a duck costume –  which she regularly calls a chicken –  that has a hat, webbed feet and a large puff for a butt that wiggles when she walks.  In all seriousness she struts around the house going on with.

Suspending Strength and Weakness

13 Apr 2012

Warrior III. I watch my mind resist, and my body tense.  I have struggled with this posture for a long time because my hips are very flexible but lack stability and it makes this pose very hard.  But it also makes it very necessary to bring a balance of tone and openness to this region.  I enter the pose and automatically feel compensations arise:  tense jaw, thwarted breath, locked standing knee and unsquare pelvis.  Emotions arise:  irritation, resistance, confusion.  My mind begins to judge:  How long have you been working on this?  Why isn’t this getting easier?  What’s wrong here?I see my physical, mental and emotional patterns play themselves out in the container of.