A Violation of Satya (Truthfulness)

23 Jan 2012

Ok, so I’m a liar. And my ceiling told me so while I was staring at it at 3am last night. In a response to the now notorious article in the NY Times about how yoga can wreck your body I retorted that a yoga practice devoid of awareness – like the ones proliferated in studio capitalism around the globe – is bound to create injury. And then I did it. I lied. Not intentionally mind you, but lied nonethess. I said that through awareness we can avoid yoga injury. And it’s not true – because injury happens. And no matter how aware we are, there is always something that.

Can Yoga Do Harm?

11 Jan 2012

I recently read an article in the NY Times called How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body. In it the author, William J. Broad,  talked about his experience with a yoga posture that threw his back out and details an extensive interview with Glenn Black, a well known yoga teacher out of the U.S..   Black has worked with various, sometimes high profile,  yoga teachers whose bodies have deteriorated in some way through mis-guided, over-cooked and under-sensitive practices. In addition, Broad cites numerous sensational examples of people who have experienced injury directly associated with yoga.  One prominient, unnamed teacher from the U.S had to have hip replacements after years of deep hip openers that destroyed the her joints.  Black himself had to get a spinal surgery for.