A Poem That Pierced Me.

27 May 2011

In a brief stolen moment while my daughter was at gramma’s I meandered through a local used bookstore looking for treasures.  And what a treasure I did find! Amidst a stew of self-help books situated haphazardly on a giant bookshelf I found a book of poetry that went far beyond self-help and pierced straight into the heart of my Heart.  It is called The Breathing Field by a woman named Wyatt Townley who is a yoga teacher and poet in the U.S..  And, by the looks of it, soon going to be yet another amazing soul who’s immense current will inspire my own life.  If you’re out there Wyatt and ever read this, thank you from the bottom of.

Le thorium nous sauvera du changement climatique

23 May 2011

Canada Goose en ligne It Facebook, LinkedIn, délicieux, Flickr, Foursquare. Beaucoup de gens sauter en ligne et s’inscrire sans se rendre compte de l’effet qu’il a sur la vie quotidienne, ou la façon dont nous donner et recevoir des informations. En particulier les nouvelles .. Le lotus pousse dans les étangs d’eau douce et les lacs et dans les climats semi-tropicaux. http://www.vestescanadagoose.com Il fleurit graduellement et magnifiquement un pétale à la fois et atteint pleine fleur quand les rayons du soleil embrassent la fleur. Il existe d’innombrables poèmes qui louent l’amour entre le soleil et la fleur dans la littérature en général et la littérature indienne en particulier. Goose Canada.

Asana: More Than Just Moving

13 May 2011

BKS Iyengar – Yoga Master I have always had a deep respect for Mr. Iyengar’s teaching.  Like him, I believe that asana is a path to liberation and the en-lightenment of our lives.  I was particularly struck recently by his description of the five stages of creating asana.  Below is a re-working of this description through my own interpretation.It is obvious to anyone who has practiced a moderate amount of yoga with various teachers that there are differences from yoga class to yoga class.  I have been curious about these differences for a number of years but have not been able to articulate them.  Mr. Iyengar does just this in his book The Tree.

Two Realities

06 May 2011

  I’ve just recently finished the book My Stroke of Insight by neuroanatomist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor.  In it she tells the story of a four hour stroke she experienced at the age of 37.  The stroke occurred on in the left hemisphere of her brain, the part her mind that coordinates language, speech, movement and most importantly, the stories of her life that create her sense of self or ego.  This hemisphere of the brain tends to dominate our daily lives with mind chatter, stories and beliefs, concepts and ideas that, as we know , keeps us bound in thought loops often of a destructive nature. With this part of her brain debilitated, Dr. Taylor became.