Tilling Your Soil

22 Apr 2011

  Sometimes a personal yoga practice can feel like a daunting task.  Simplify it –  every time you step onto your yoga mat simply till the soil of your being…     With the deep wish for new life as your Gardener, let the sunlight of your awareness shine evenly across the whole of your inner landscape.  Just as sunlight never judges the soil on which it falls, release all judgement.  Just as the soil never tries to impress the sun, release all efforting. Let your asana become gentle movements that kick up the crusted soil of hardened physical and emotional patterns in your muscles.  Let new blood flow in the clumped, knotted areas of your body, let your muscles relax and be.

Yoga and Emotion

07 Apr 2011

Sometimes I love to revel in how immensely practical yoga and spirituality can be.  As a very sentimental person I find myself in the throes of wild emotional forces within me daily.  For many years I had minimal ability to make space for this inner wilderness.  Instead, I would find myself angry, depressed or anxious, yet I knew intuitively there was another way to allow the forces to move in me without being towed under by them.  This way has slowed shown itself to me over time through my practices and most especially yoga. Yoga calls us to be completely present amidst awkward and difficult sensations.  We are asked to stay with the inner.