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    Embodying the Philosophy of Yoga

    This is truly my favorite topic of yoga.  With the extensive wisdom that is available to us from yoga and other traditions around the world how do we go about not just knowing this wisdom intellectually but living it?  What I love about yoga the very most is that it is not about thinking, or figuring something out but being in the world.  On the mat, wisdom that is known in the mind can be enacted in the body.  My challenge to the yoga world, practitioners and teachers alike, is to ask ourselves what it means not just to pay lip service to concepts like compassion, balance, flow or grounding but to find ways to…

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    Seabury Hall Performing Arts will present the Maui premiere of Act

    Seabury Hall Performing Arts will present the Maui premiere of Act: A Divine Musical by Bill and Cheri Steinkellner, lyrics by Glenn Slater and music by Alan Menken. David Ward and Molly Schad will direct the play based on the Whoopi Goldberg film. Fridays and Saturdays, Nov. Cheap Jerseys china Ritchie’s new film owes as much to Fleming as it does to Napoleon Solo, cheap jerseys and it has the look of Goldfinger era Bond. As Solo, Henry Cavill seems more like Sean Connery than did Robert Vaughn in the TV series. His suits could have been taken straight out of Connery’s early Bond period wardrobe. Cheap Jerseys china Cheap…

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    sussex lighthouse to be turned into b from the argus

    pandora earrings “You spend about a day looking back and do a midseason report on where we’re at, the receivers did it,” receiver Christian Kirk said. “Just where we’re at and what we can work on to go through this last stretch and win every game. So it was good to look back and see what we need to improve on.”. pandora earrings pandora jewelry The tattoo inked onto his left arm is Beckham’s 11th. He already boasts designs bearing his wife and three sons’ names.pandora charms It is believed the tattoo is part of Beckham’s mission to cover himself head to toe in angel inspired images, just like “Prison…

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    We Must Become The Sun

    Can you enter your inner landscape the way that sunlight enters a garden? A garden is a dynamic, living system.  Within it resides plants and grasses of endless varieties, rocks and soil, insects and weeds.   None of these elements are more valuable to mother nature than the other.  So often, in our own inner garden, we wish to eradicate, fix, change, redecorate, renovate and throw out more things that we are willing to appreciate just as they are.  We label anger as a noxious weed, happiness as a rare and coveted flower, that niggling ache in our back an invasive cockroach.  We spend more energy trying to make the garden conform to some idea of how…

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    Be Affected By Your Breath

    I like to think that some of the things that I’ve discovered in my yoga journey may resonate or be helpful to others.  The following is an inquiry into the breath that can be engaged in your practice as a way to connect to this vital force and to approach your practice from a different perspective.  Much of it can be experimented with even if you don’t do yoga – either way, let me know if it helps, hinders or inspires! Become Aware – the breath is affected by and affects every layer of our being.  When we labor in physical activity it changes accordingly, when we are sad, mad, glad or afraid there is…