A River Runs Through Me

31 Jul 2010

This past week I was with my family camping in the Rockies.  In the days before we left I was feeling bored with day to day activities and also a little stressed trying to prepare for a week away with a one year old.  The trip was long as we stopped numerous times for road construction and to ease Rowan’s fussiness.  By the time we reached the mountains I was fatigued.With my regular destress routine out of whack with travel and unsuitable conditions for doing yoga I had little hope of relieving my fatigue in usual ways.  After setting up our camp we walked to a nearby river to show Rowan this majesty of.

My Night With Merle Haggard

23 Jul 2010

Two nights ago I became completely absorbed in a biography on country music legend Merle Haggard.  Had I come across the listing on the TV guide I wouldn’t have given it any thought but my husband landed there channel surfing – and there I remained for the next hour and a half, entranced by the story of a man whose life couldn’t be more different than my own.  Or at least so I thought.   All my life people such as Merle Haggard, Hank Williams and WIllie Nelson represented everything I didn’t want to be.  To me they represented right wing conservativism and a sort of redneck tribalism that left minorities outside the fringe of human.

Your Yoga May Not Always Be Yoga

15 Jul 2010

Yoga guilt.  We’ve all been there.  That icky feeling of not quite measuring up because it’s been 3 days since your last practice.  The little despot in your head starts throwing insults about how you’re obviously not serious about yoga, not meant to practice or teach it and generally just an all around slob.  Maybe it’s just me whose hefty inner critic has heckled me in this way – but I doubt it.  Those days are mostly past me now and instead of guilt after missing a practice or two I just feel a genuine longing to be back on my mat.  This changed for me when I realized that “disciplining” myself into.

Building Energy Through Your Practice – A Prelude to the Vibrant Life Retreat on August 7th

08 Jul 2010

There is nothing like feeling radiantly alive.  Having enough energy to engage your life, relationships and work in a healthy and balanced way is essential to wellbeing.  What follows is a practice for helping  you cultivate and recognize your natural vibrancy.  The practice is two fold.  First, we tune in to the frequency of our energy body, or prana, and second we then invite awakening to this body through a variety of exercises.Awareness:  Here we are basically changing the “channel” of our attention.   We shift our attention from the channel of thoughts, preconceived notions about ourselves and our body, ideas and concepts to the channel of direct perception of sensation in the body.  As we descend our attention and.

Yoga’s Not a Bandaid.

02 Jul 2010

Every once in a while I get sick of trying to make myself feel better with yoga.  Yesterday was such a day. After a small argument with my husband I prepared to enter the haven of my practice and I couldn’t.  Every time I approached my mat a well of anger rose up in me.  I could have simply trudged through the thick wall of irritation that paralyzed my movements, as some approaches to yoga advise.  Instead I fell onto my bed, face stuffed cock-eyed into a pillow and stared blankly into the mess of my ensuite bathroom.  Blink.  “What the hell’s going on?”  Blink.  “I only have an hour until Rowan wakes.